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The integrated network of Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze aims at establishing long-term business projects. The network is comprised of 700 agencies, owned and partner, distributed all over Italy and Switzerland.
The network strengths are:
1. Reliability
The project has been designed by tourism entrepreneurs for tourism entrepreneurs: this has allowed us to put together a strong group - reliable, efficient and successful in the field.
2. Tourism
The group includes a tourism division, with three franchise lines matching the different needs of the market, as well as a field sales network supporting the partner agencies. This division offers preferred commission agreements with the major TO's and dedicated products to sell through the marketplace.
3. Technology
The group constantly invests in technology, implementing state-of-the-art IT systems such as dpack, a system supplied exclusively to our partners for the booking of flights, hotels, car hires, parking facilities and other activities, or such as the web platform, entirely customizable with the agency logo.
4. Marketing
The marketing division holds an important role, as it designs and implements communication activities both at local and national level, beside supporting our partners on tradeshows and events.
5. Business Travel
The group includes also a highly professional business travel division, which can take advantage of the best market conditions and offers a highly rewarding incentive programme.
From the week-end out of town to packages for exotic destinations, the Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze agencies network comes up every day with dozens of offers carefully selected by our travel consultants.